“Dignity, right to work and mental health”

First seminar of the UOC – ENSAMEC – BAIX LLOBREGAT REGIONAL COUNCIL OF MENTAL HEALTH AND WORK A seminar that promotes reflection and exchange on the promotion of dignity and the right to work in conjunction with mental health. It aims to bring together professionals from the social, educational and health fields, municipal technicians of economic development and health mental, traditional fabric and social economy and protected work. It has the goal of drawing lines of common work that allow […]

Caring without tying. International experiences of mental health care free from mechanical restraint.

Mechanical restraint is an extended coercive practice in healthcare settings in the Spanish State. Although there is no transparent information or common records on its implementation, there is consensus on its integration as a common practice in mental health care contexts. Although the dominant narrative of the professionals naturalizes and justifies its use as “inevitable”, international human rights organizations warn that, regardless of its duration, it constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that can reach the rank of torture. The […]

Presentation of the Anti-Stigma Project in the Health Field – PAMS

Presentation of the results of the impact evaluation. PAMS was born with the aim of breaking the stigma among health professionals by providing them with tools and resources through different training sessions. After a co-design process, in which all the actors involved (health personnel, people with first-person experience, administration…) have participated, the project has been piloted to 6 primary care centers and 12 mental health centers. In this event, we will explain how the whole journey has gone, we will […]

IV Nursing Conference: “The journey of first-person care”

Realization of the workshop “Citizenship and mental health” The citizenship model is an emerging trend in the field of mental health and social inclusion. After several theoretical developments, instruments have been designed to measure the connection of individuals with the various dimensions of citizenship and to support professionals so that they can work from this paradigm. In this workshop we propose another tool that has been developed to help disseminate the citizenship model among professionals by analyzing the programs in […]