Training in Participatory Research

We have carried out a training aimed at the research community that is part of the Xarxa TECSAM. Two sessions, held on May 5 and 12, about the beginnings and evolution of participatory research in the field of mental health. A total of 7.5 hours aimed at including the vision of people with their own experience, and presenting the options to incorporate them into different modalities and research projects.

Applied research in contexts of transformation of mental health care systems

Choosing psychological research as a profession in Spain is not an easy path in general. Within it, the option for applied research lines within transformative contexts present added challenges. In this presentation we want to offer some clues for students who are considering starting research paths in applied fields. Project development experiences are offered that are committed to the transformation of beliefs, attitudes and practices of mental health professionals in the context of the institutional transformations initiated by the International […]

Meeting on Mental Health Rights

We participated in the meeting on Mental Health Rights, organized by Mental Health Catalonia, with the conference: Legal perspective and citizenship model: an essential combination to guarantee mental health rights. If you have run out of space, you can see it at Youtube Consult the program

Fundació Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques i de la Salut de Catalunya i Balears

Training for Mental Health Residents

Training given on March 29, 2023 to the MIR, PIR and EIR of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, within the framework of their R1 theoretical training. It is a block of theoretical and experiential training in mental health entrusted to Federació Veus, Activament and Salut Mental Catalunya. This presentation corresponds to the theoretical block “Historical perspective and recovery model” and consists of the following sections: Background to the Recovery movement Recovery Concept Principles and criticisms How to work from Recovery Beyond Recovery: […]

Social inequalities and mental health: Promoting social justice. Seville

The talk showed how social determinants affect mental health… and how to address them. Community resources, strategies and initiatives that combat social inequalities and help promote emotional well-being and prevent mental health problems were made visible. In charge of: Mª José Santos, Coordinator of Projects and Studies at ASAENES Isabel Moragues, specialist in the Knowledge Area of Health, Aid and Emergencies at the Andalusian Red Cross Moderated by: Francisco José Eiroá-Orosa, Ramón y Cajal researcher, University of Barcelona. Member of […]

Integrating peer support into teams

We have given a 4-hour training session on the integration of peer support workers in psychosocial rehabilitation teams in the province of Lleida. Thanks to Gestió de Serveis Sanitaris for the possibility of opening opportunities for peer support.

“Challenges in decision-making in mental health”

We participated in the VII Conference on Mental Health in the Hospitalet Area, a space to reflect on legislative changes regarding the legal capacity of people with disabilities and professional practices aimed at promoting the exercise of citizenship rights. Program and registration Go to the presentation (spanish version)

Implementation of peer support, local and international experiences

PROGRAMME 16 – 17 h. Networking session between local and international organisations. 17 h. Institutional welcome. Magdalena Casamitjana Aguilà, Director of the National Mental Health Pact. Joan Vegué Grilló, director of the Master Plan for Mental Health and Addictions. 17:15 – 18 h. Local experiences. TeAM training (Technicians in Accompaniment and Mutual Support). – Albert Piquer, Emilia Association. The Peer Support specialization university course. – Gemma Prat Vigué, University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia. – Ruben del Rio, […]

Burriac Community Rehabilitation Service

We are going to visit, with the comrades of the Federation Veus and Matissos, the SRC Burriac, in the Maresme, to talk about activism, citizenship rights, and Mental Health.