Mental health workshop in Alella

We participate in the Mental Health workshop organized by the Alella town hall, through the Health Promotion, Occupation and Citizenship Office. Our president, Fran Eiroa, closes the conference after 3 days of workshops, colloquia, lectures and the representation of La Balada de Lady Lup starring the companions of the Trifulga dels Futils.   Download the programme.    

Training at Barcelona Psychotherapy Center (CPB)

We have carried out training for professionals from the direct care teams of various resources managed by CPB Mental health. These sessions have focused on the Recovery model and collaborative practices. We have tried to created spaces for joint reflection to adapt the principles of the model into different services.

What is happiness?

Sandra López Barbeiro and Myriam Félez Cervera invite us to enjoy these friendly and participatory gatherings on how we take care of mental health as a community, through the cultivation of full peace and happiness.  

Stigma in Mental Health

Participation at the Thematic Meeting in the program Nobody Is Perfect – ANEP at El Prat Ràdio.