Presentation of the Anti-Stigma Project in the Health Field – PAMS

Presentation of the results of the impact evaluation. PAMS was born with the aim of breaking the stigma among health professionals by providing them with tools and resources through different training sessions. After a co-design process, in which all the actors involved (health personnel, people with first-person experience, administration…) have participated, the project has been piloted to 6 primary care centers and 12 mental health centers. In this event, we will explain how the whole journey has gone, we will […]

IV Nursing Conference: “The journey of first-person care”

Realization of the workshop “Citizenship and mental health” The citizenship model is an emerging trend in the field of mental health and social inclusion. After several theoretical developments, instruments have been designed to measure the connection of individuals with the various dimensions of citizenship and to support professionals so that they can work from this paradigm. In this workshop we propose another tool that has been developed to help disseminate the citizenship model among professionals by analyzing the programs in […]

“Building citizenship”: Training and participation strategies for people with serious mental disorders

Traditionally, people with mental health problems have been socially relegated and excluded, having few opportunities to participate in their treatments, in the management of the resources that serve them or in the community in which they live. The new recovery models, closely linked to international Human Rights movements, recognize the importance of the participation of users of mental health services. Encouraging the participation of users, not only implies complying with a right that people have, but also carries with it […]