Social inequalities and mental health: Promoting social justice

The talk explained how social determinants affect mental health… and how to address them. Community resources, strategies and initiatives that combat social inequalities and help promote emotional well-being and prevent mental health problems will be made visible. In charge of: Sergi Raventós Panyella, PhD in sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and director of the Office of the Pilot Plan to Implement Universal Basic Income in Catalonia Laia Vila, social worker and manager of the Llar Pere Barnés program […]

Conference on Hospital Treatment and Rehabilitation Units of the Community of Madrid

We have participated in the 3rd Conference on Hospital Treatment and Rehabilitation Units (UHTR) that have been held at the San Miguel Sisters Hospitallers Clinic. In this meeting, we have reflected on the problems associated with involuntary commitments and coercion, proposing reduction and alternative strategies. For this, the expert vision has been included in the debate, both on legal aspects, related to new legislation (Law 8/2021 on Support for Disability, Instructions from the Attorney General’s Office, etc.) and on the […]

25th anniversary of the Individualized Services Plan (PSI)

We participated in the conference “25 years of the Individualized Service Plan (PSI)”, organized by the group of professionals from the PSI, in the Social Center Auditorium of the Sant Joan de Déu Health Park. A meeting to reflect on the 25-year trajectory of the PSI model in Catalonia and on the need to continue bringing mental health care wherever people require it. Consult the complete program    

Segunda reunión transnacional del proyecto Erasmus+ TuTo3 – Peer and Team Support

Nos reunimos en Lyon con los representantes de las entidades vinculadas al proyecto europeo Erasmus + TuTo3 – PAT “Peer and Team Support”. Este proyecto está apoyado por un consorcio de 5 asociaciones de apoyo entre iguales procedentes de 5 países. Trabajamos juntos para compartir conocimientos y desarrollar herramientas que se validarán basándose en la experiencia de los pares. Esta colaboración internacional dará lugar a la creación y aplicación de: – Un conjunto de herramientas para la capacitación y formación […]

Mental Health Advance Directives Planning

We continue to support the defence of the rights of people with experience of mental health diagnosis. We participate in the workshop cycle organised by the Veus Federation Rights Observatory, of which we are a party and with which we have close cooperation, providing information on shared decision making  and mental health advance directive documents.   Download slides

Citizenship as Mental Health

We have participated in the workshops for activists of the Veus Federation presenting the model of Citizenship as mental health. Download slides

Conference on Mechanical restraints in the Psychiatric Field

We attended the conference organized by the ‘Taula de Salut Mental de Granollers i comarca’ composed of 26 organizations among service providers, social agents and institutions of the health region of Vallès Oriental Central and Baix Montseny. We listened to the first-person testimonies of those who have suffered mechanical restraints during hospitalisation. Also the main service providers in the area presented the results of their actions aimed to the Mechanical restraints O goal. There was an opportunity to explore alternatives […]