Elvira Rodríguez has been linked to the first person movement since 2014. Social integrator with professional experience in projects for the prevention of risk behaviors, affective-sexual education with young people and adolescents, and in short and long-term residential resources.



Cecilia Rebeca Sánchez Moscona has a degree in psychology and Master’s degrees in General Health Psychology and in Advances in the Psychoanalytic Clinic for Children and Adolescents from the University of Barcelona. She currently works as a Referent Psychologist for Emotional and Community Well-being for the Catalan Institute of Health.


Francesc Gomez-Morales

Francesc Gomez-Morales holds a degree in physics and an advanced studies diploma in materials science from the University of Barcelona, as well as a degree in psychology from the Open University of Catalonia. He has been actively involved with the first person movement since 2018, which sparked his career transition from technological entrepreneurship to psychology. Currently, he is employed as a specialized technician by the University of Barcelona for the project “Citizenship as Mental Health.” Francesc is a certified mental health peer support worker (MHPSW) and works with both private clients and public institutions, primarily focusing on young service users.


Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa is a Ramón y Cajal researcher at the University of Barcelona. He also collaborates with the Spanish Association of Mental Health Professionals, the European Network for (ex)-Users and Survivors of Psychiatry and the Global Anti-Stigma Alliance. His research interests are focused on the analysis of strategies for the awareness of mental health service users and professionals, to improve communication between them, enhancing participation of the former and critical reflection and self-care of the latter.