4th TuTo3 – PAT Meeting in Norway

From November 6 to 8 we attended the fourth work meeting planned by the European Erasmus+ project TuTo3 – PAT in Oslo (Norway).

On day 6 we had the opportunity to visit a center for people in an advanced recovery process managed by the Salvation Army. In this completely open center, people freely associate to do sports or musical activities.

Next, we met with a delegation of peer support workers from Norway who arrived a day in advance of the conference that would take place at the same hotel on November 7-8. We reflected together on co-production in research, in addition to explaining to our Norwegian colleagues the state of peer support in the different countries participating in the project.

We dedicated day 7 entirely to the project work meetings, organizing the pending tasks for each of the five objectives of the project.

The next meeting will be in March 2024 in Romania.