Collaborative teaching

We participate in periodic awareness and training courses organized by different academic and applied organisations.

Trainning Activities

Mental health training for specialized health residents

Aimed at first-year residents of the specialties of psychiatry, psychology and nursing. First person mental health organisations such as Veus Federation and Activament, as well as relatives’ organisations such as Catalonia Mental Health Federation participate. It consists of 2 sessions that group theoretical content, related to the Recovery and rights model, and testimonies from people with their own experience.

Master in Community Mental Health

MSc The Value of Mental Health Care

The master’s programme is based on the so-called recovery model, which represents an organisational change in the mental health care system, through specific therapeutic processes, designed for each person, which facilitate empowerment with regard to decision making in the treatment, participation in the planning of activities and evaluation of services.
Master of the Docent Campus of the St. John of God Hospital addressed to health professionals.


Psychiatry laboratories. International University of Catalonia.