Social inequalities and mental health: Promoting social justice. Palma

The talk showed how social determinants affect mental health and how to address them. Community resources, strategies and initiatives that combat social inequalities and that help promote emotional well-being and prevent mental health problems were made visible.

In charge of:

Bartolomé Rigo, pedagogue and technical coordinator at the Estel de Levante entity of 3 Mental Health, and member of the working group promoting the new 3 Mental Health care model.

Noelia Garcia, psychologist, reference for addiction projects in the penitentiary environment in Creu Roja Balears. Experience as a psychotherapist and teacher in caring for refugees and applicants for international protection.

Moderated by:

  • Francisco José Eiroá-Orosa, Ramón y Cajal researcher, University of Barcelona. Member of the First Person Mental Health Research Group.