We have contributed to the training of more than 1000 professionals in the sector to adapt to the new model of care focused on the individual, his human rights and citizenship. We are designing training activities for mental health care and research professionals adapted to their needs and their professional profile. We offer advice and help in the development, implementation and evaluation of new projects, or in the process of transformation. Contact us.

Trainning Activities

Beyond recovery, towards mental health care based on rights

This course is aimed at direct-care professionals in mental health services and addictions. It consists of 4 modules with an expected duration of 8h lectives plus complementary material.

  • Alternatives to the diagnosis: From nosologies to shared experience.
  • Formulating and setting targets: Decreasing symptoms in Recovery.
  • Rights-based mental health care: collaborative practices, respect for preferences and early wills.
  • Mutual support: Integrating the figure into the system.


Accredited by:

Consell Català de Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries – mpspapas


Recovery training and collaborative practices

Activity aimed at providing a space for dialogue and reflection, based on the content offered and professional experience, for the implementation of model change in mental health care and additions to different devices or resources.

  • Critical boarding: Nosological systems and treatments based on symptom boarding.
  • The concept of recovery, the background to the movement, its principles and criticism.
  • Forming and setting recovery-based targets.
  • Interventions based on the exercise of citizenship.
  • Current legal framework, based on media.
  • Tools for respecting autonomy in decisions (advanced decission planning, advanced wills, crisis plans)
  • Model of recovery and citizenship in residential resources, limitations and fortresses.
  • Specific needs in the working environment for adaptation to the recovery model.