The influence of social justice on mental health

Despite having been ignored for a long time, the relationship between mental health and social justice is receiving increased attention and the evidences of this relationship are beginning to influence the management of care services. In this lecture we will understand why the dominant paradigms in mental health care have ignored the influence of social inequalities in their work, probably because of their need to appear neutral applied sciences. We will then explore the relationship between mental health and social […]

Community engagement as mental health promotion: towards a committed psychological practice

Recently, movements and concepts such as recovery, according to the use of the term coined by the consumer and survivor movements, citizenship (both as a participatory and therapeutic tools) or social prescription (among others), have expanded the range of therapeutic options in general practice and mental health by strengthening the links between health, social services and community resources. In line with the disappointment of some Western user organizations with the absorption of their claims by the administration, transforming a bottom-up […]

Social Change and wellbeing: Towards a situated science of Positive Psychology

The study of wellbeing has rocketed in recent years. However, wellbeing usually appears as a construct that can be measured and a human characteristic that may be enhanced regardless of the sociocultural circumstances in which positive psychologists are measuring or intervening. This poster attempts to challenge the current constructs of wellbeing by means of the sociocultural contextualisation of the experiences of wellbeing in a world-wide changing context.