Beyond recovery: towards a rights-based mental health care

Recently, the recovery movement in mental health, among other transformative movements, has begun to promote citizenship, both as a tool of participation and therapeutic intervention, and social prescription to expand the range of therapeutic options of primary health practice. and mental. This process has been carried out by strengthening the links between health services and community resources. We perceive a need to increase the participation of civil society, particularly the movements in the first person, for a focus on rights […]

Mental health activism as identity transformation

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that mental health activism has had an impact on policy and care system changes as well as in the creation of peer support networks. Additionally, some researchers have explored the effect that mental health activism and peer support has on the identity of its participants. In this presentation we will discuss the implications of mental health activism for the scientific research on identity transformation discussing the methodological implications that the exploration of […]

The status of users’ rights in the field of mental health practice

In the field of mental health there is a growing impulse to participatory practices. In addition to the opening of the assistance contexts to these approaches, the first person movements, active at an international level since the 60s, have facilitated processes such as psychiatric deinstitutionalization. More recently, the concepts of empowerment, resilience and recovery emerge. All these concepts have helped the advance of a more personalized way of attention focused on prevention. However, until very recently, the patient’s preferences for […]