Implementation of peer support, local and international experiences


16 – 17 h. Networking session between local and international organisations.

17 h. Institutional welcome.

  • Magdalena Casamitjana Aguilà, Director of the National Mental Health Pact.
  • Joan Vegué Grilló, director of the Master Plan for Mental Health and Addictions.

17:15 – 18 h. Local experiences.

  • TeAM training (Technicians in Accompaniment and Mutual Support).
    – Albert Piquer, Emilia Association.
  • The Peer Support specialization university course.
    – Gemma Prat Vigué, University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia.
    – Ruben del Rio, Osonament.
  • Experiences with adolescents and young people.
    – Anna Ballesteros Urpí, Hospital Clínic.
    – Francesc Gómez Morales, First Person Mental Health Research Group of the Veus Federation.
  • The role of peer support in moving towards the model of full citizenship.
    – Ivan Cano Prieto, Catalonia Mental Health Federation.
    – Francisco José Eiroa Orosa, First Person Mental Health Research Group of the Veus Federation.

18 – 19h. The European project TuTo3 – PEER and TEAM SUPPORT in Mental Health: recovery through user’s experience.

  • International competences model – Henning Pettersen.
  • Training recommendations – Ramona Hiltensperger.
  • Training to integrate peer helpers into teams – Marie Mathy & Muriel Dulière.
  • Development of peer support partnerships – Stéphane Waha.
  • Development of a massive open online course – Jean-Francois Pelletier.