Recovery of life projects. XXVIII AEN Congress. Transitions. Mental health, community and social change

Different movements of professionals, users and their relatives propose the use of concepts such as recovery or citizenship as tools to change the focus from pathology towards empowerment through the enhancement of strengths and community work. At this table we will try to build a dialogue between people who dedicate their efforts to transforming the mental health care system towards one based on rights and the collective construction of life projects.


Legal capacity and support for the exercise of people with disabilities

Nuria Pi

Head of legal area Fundació Support

recovery models

Francisco Rodriguez Pulido

Psychiatrist (Rehabilitation Section).


La Foixarda Project (Fundació Drissa): mental health in the educational field

Hugo Rovira

Founder and coordinator of the project

Peer support

Francesc Gomez Morales

Representative of the Veus Federation

Support between families

German Morente Caballero

Representative of the Catalan Mental Health Federation

Moderator: Cristina Gisbert (Psychiatrist, Girona Health Assistance Institute) and Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa (Ramón y Cajal Researcher, University of Barcelona – First Person Research Group of the Veus Federation).